When you are angry or frustrated, what is your reaction? Is it a godly reaction or human reaction? Unfortunately, mine is not always as it should be. Following behind a slow driver when I'm in a hurry or waiting for the dog to come in when it's freezing out and I just want to go to bed, my reaction is sometimes not so pleasant. I say things I shouldn't and feel the frustration throughout every inch of my body. Then I become frustrated with myself because I know that I did not act in an appropriate, Christian way. 

But what about when we do or say things we shouldn't and someone else is watching? We often are on our best behavior when around other people, doing the right thing and appearing like we are walking in a godly fashion. That one time when we do have an outburst of irrationality, ridiculousness, or stupidness as I like to call it, and someone sees, the action becomes larger than can be imagined because we are supposed to be Christians. We are not supposed to act like that, or say that, or respond like that. Our sin stands out like a red stain on a white shirt. To ourselves, to our fellow believers, and especially to those not yet believers, there are certain behaviors that a Christian should not have.

To ourselves and to fellow believers, this is because we know what The Lord says and know that when we accept The Lord as our Savior, we are to "put off. . .the old man, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness" (Ephesians 4:22-24). Meaning we should no longer be selfish, deceitful, or lustful in our actions. We have made a promise to our Savior to strive to be righteous and holy in all areas of our lives, sacrificing our sinful nature for Him, as He sacrificed Himself for us. Though we are not completely free from sin, because we are human, we should do our best to walk as He wants us to. 

To those that are not yet believers, the "correct" behavior of a Christian is placed on a pedestal and will be virtually unattainable by anyone in the non-believers eyes. No one will be "good enough" in actions. This may be because non-believers have a certain opinion of what or how a Christian should act based on fallacies they have learned, much like a stereotype.  There will always be something that can be found for them to say "see, he isn't better than me" or "You're not supposed to act [say things] like that". 

Unfortunately, some Christians, over time have only perpetuated those fallacies, leaving everyone, believers and non-believers, confused and dismayed. This causes the line between good and bad, or right and wrong, to be grayed to some. For this reason, Christians may find themselves behaving a certain way when by themselves or with friends, and another way while at church. Or they may say or do something that appears right while around others, but then change their entire demeanor at home. This is, in part, because the sin of the old man is not easily forgotten or left behind, and with the lines of right and wrong sometimes skewed, it's easier to sin when no one is looking. But isn't it still a sin?

We must remember that even though no person may be around to see our sin, God is. He can see our every thought, our every action. Our words and actions reflect more than just our thought at that moment in time, it represents our hearts. As Christians, we must always be ready to "answer every man". We must strive to keep our words, actions, and thoughts tuned to The Lord's heart. If we do, we won't need to be concerned whether we said or did the right thing. . .  because it will be according to His words and heart, which are always Holy.

What are your thoughts about this subject? I'd love to hear from you.


06/30/2013 23:04

Excellent and so true!! I was thinking about something similar recently. I had been thinking about people who have been Christians for a long time, have been tested in their Faith and know the LORD'S mighty Hand on them. But then I thought, when there is no testing and the days are pretty routine do Christians still communicate with the LORD on their own behalf? Well, yes, I thought, because we are still carnal and our sins, although they are not what originally brought us to the LORD and hopefully not what we would like to believe we've been delivered from, place us at HIS Mercy, seeking HIS forgiveness. The things I say, anger, pride, self pity, selfishness, etc. bring me to HIM seeking again and again HIS Grace. Thank You LORD for always keeping us close to You!

Mona Lisa Smith
07/01/2013 00:17

Thank you, Martha, for sharing your words. We should always look towards Him and remember that He saved us from our carnal selves. He is faithful & Holy. I believe, sometimes, we do lay aside His armor when days are easy, forgetting that evil is just around the corner. I am thankful that the Holy Spirit reminds us, through convictions, to speak directly to Him and move away from the temptations set in front of us. He will always provide for His children.


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