One of the biggest issues, I think, that kids have with textbooks, is that there is no action, no visual or auditory stimulation. It's just a flat surface that might offer colors or even cool graphics, but nothing that necessarily grabs your attention. Trying to find supplemental material that offers that stimulation, takes time and is usually in different locations across the internet. Then, once you've found something, you have to be sure it's a good site.

If you've found yourself and your family in this situation, or have considered adding a supplement to your curriculum, I invite you to take a look at Zane Education. We received an online membership to their video library (and more) for review as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

So what exactly is Zane Education? They are a company dedicated to providing"a Visual Learning solution that uses the largest and most comprehensive subtitled educational video library currently available online. The audio/visual nature of video provides significant educational benefits for a wide range of students - add the use of purpose-developed subtitles and you provide an even more flexible online learning resource. " (Zane Education) Zane Publishing (Zane Education's sister company) started creating these videos in 1989 as DVDs to correlate with standard textbooks taught in K-12 schools across North America and several countries (Zane Education). Now, these videos are available 24/7 online.

The videos all include (except for the math video) the The Missing Piece©. This is a research proven process of including subtitles onto the videos. Children will not only learn the content, but be able to read it as well, which can increase their reading and literacy skills. I know from personal experience, this works. We put subtitles on all of the tv show and movies that our daughter watched when she was little. She was reading books by age 4. Though this is not a guarantee with your child, the possibilities are unlimited. You can read more about The Missing Piece here.

Zane's video selection is extensive. There are over 1544 videos, 260 quizzes (based on the videos), lesson plans, study tools, plus so much more.

I am sure you will be impressed by the number of videos and the vast content available through Zane Education.

You can see to left all of the subjects and age/grade levels that can utilize Zane. That's every grade from elementary through adult. 

Because Zane is so comprehensive, there are guides available to help you, as a parent or teacher, get the most effective educational benefit from a membership to Zane Education. There are guides for classroom use, home education, special needs education, and extra curriculum education. Each of the user guides are downloadable AND free to basic members. There are also other publications that available for purchase or free with certain membership levels. You can view them here.

You can view a portion of a video below:
Membership levels to Zane Education include Free, Topic Taster, Bronze, Silver, & Gold.  The Bronze, Silver, & Gold levels start at just $8.99 month or $98.89 per year.

What we thought: the video library truly is comprehensive. There's a video for just about anything you might be teaching. The lesson plans guides are one page long and include questions, glossary terms, and suggestions for further study. They are a good resource for the videos. The quizzes help reinforce what was taught in the video, which then could be re-watched if the student doesn't have a clear grasp of the answers. We do like all the topics available and the ability to use them whenever we desire. They are a great supplement for our studies and I know they would enhance any curriculum. Both my kids found that the videos had interesting content and facts and liked that they could just scan through the subjects and pick what they wanted to watch. 

Overall, Zane Education offers a great service at reasonable prices. There were a couple of things that we didn't really like, though. The videos are very dated. I felt like I was watching videos from when I was a kid. And considering my 25 yr class reunion is soon, that's a long time ago. Obviously they are not since the sister company started in 1989, but they are definitely dated. The majority of the videos are still shots formulated into a video. Some of the videos do have actual videos within them that we watched, but many are just still shots with voice over's and music. I didn't really expect this, so it a bit of a surprise to all of us. Does it change my opinion of Zane? Not really, they really do have a huge library of videos and the overall quality of the videos is good. The music is pleasing to listen to and the voices of the narrators are, too.

You can read about Zane Education's latest developments and new products on their News Blog and follow them on Facebook.  
Disclaimer: I received an online membership to Zane Education free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.


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