Throughout our life, we find situations where it is necessary to type more than lol, ty, b4, l8r, 2day. For example: work, resume, writing a business letter, or acceptance of a great award : ^ ) We never know when it may be important to be able to create a great paper or letter for some purpose in our lives. 

One of those very important purposes is the SAT. For every High Schooler thinking about college, the SAT is one of the means to get there. The essay portion of the SAT is often a great stressor for students. Worrying about the topics, the time limits, the content; it can really cause anxiety. But there is a great website that I learned that can help your student prepare - Time4Writing.
Time4Writing is a writing resource that offers students of all ages, from elementary to high school, guidance and instruction to increase their writing skills. Each of the courses are 8-weeks long and are totally personalized. Each student is assigned to an actual tutor and all of the tutors are certified teachers. 

We were given a membership to the SAT Essay Writing course to review as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. This came at a perfect time for us. My daughter will be taking the SAT this fall and we were concerned about the essay portion. She loves to write and writes creatively very well. But sitting down to write an essay about something she's not interested in has always been a huge task for her. Being timed is another problem area.

Time4Writing has really helped her in both areas. This is because Time4Writing is designed to help "students work on budgeting their time, developing a strong thesis, using solid examples, and editing their writing all within the limited amount of time they are given during the actual SAT exam" The course was created by English teachers who have been official scorers for the SAT and, therefore, students "are given tools and tips from experienced educators who have been in the trenches". (Time4Writing). 

There are 8 units in the SAT Essay Writing Course that your student will be guided through. He must complete each assignment before being able to move on. This is a great aspect of the course. It is common for students to look at the next page of an assignment just to know what's ahead, but this is not a good tactic. It usually just causes more stress and anxiety because then they worry if they can do it.  In Time4Writing, the student is given an assignment to complete. Once it's complete, the tutor will grade it or offer feedback. Then the next assignment is available. 

The 8 units are: 

Unit 1 – What you need to know when writing for the SAT 

Unit 2 – Breaking down the writing prompt

Unit 3 – Writing an excellent essay

Unit 4 – Using your voice in your essays

Unit 5 – Stronger sentences, stronger essays

Unit 6 – Improving paragraph structure

Unit 7 – Identifying and correcting errors for better essays

Unit 8 – Practice, Practice, Practice
Each of the units builds on the previous and walks students a step at a time. Unit 8 includes real time SAT essay writing. I am excited for my daughter to get to that point!
Time4Writing offers free resources as well as their many courses. You can try them out and see the benefits your student can have from one of their courses.

Each of the courses is 8 weeks long and offers a money back guarantee.
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
* Flexible Scheduling Available *
What We Thought: I am very pleased with Time4Writing. I am thankful to have had this opportunity to review them : ^ )

My daughter enjoyed working with her tutor. She was apprehensive about starting the lessons at all. She was worried she wouldn't "do it right" or "know what to do". After the first couple of lessons, though, she found it much less stressful and actually enjoyed doing the work. Her instructor was awesome! Her comments were helpful and encouraging.

This is an example: 

"You did a great job with these thesis statements this time! They have all of the needed information:

1. subject
2. claim
3. three points of support

A good thesis statement with this information gives your essay some organization, and it may even improve your SAT essay score. You may move on to the next activity. Keep up the great work!!!" 

I am impressed with Time4Writing's SAT Essay Writing. We have a few more weeks left to our membership but I can truly see the benefits of these lessons with my daughter. Her anxiety level about writing essays has decreased, her skills have improved, and she likes it. That's what I'm happy about the most. It hasn't been a struggle to get her to do it since she realized what it was going to be. 

I believe you will like Time4Writing, too. It is an incredible resource for any student that has struggled with writing.

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Disclaimer: I received this a membership free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.


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