Recently I reviewed Super Duper's Jeeper's Peepers game as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Members reviewed 2 other products as wellI want to give you 3 great coupons for those products. They are each for 30% off! They expire on 8/31/12 so be sure to use them soon. 

Jeeper's Peepers

Coupon Code: BLGJP30
Save 30%   Expires 8/31/12 

What it is: read my review here 

HearBuilder Auditory Memory Home Edition Coupon Code: BLGAM30
Save 30%   Expires 8/31/12

What it is: HearBuilder Auditory Memory teaches key strategies for remembering numbers, words, sentences, and stories. This research-based software includes five essential listening activities.

HearBuilder Following Directions Home Edition

Coupon Code: BLGFD30
Save 30%   Expires 8/31/12

What it is: Webber HearBuilder Following Directions is the all new innovative, evidence-based, interactive software program that gives students a systematic way to improve their auditory and following directions skills. At the same time, students will learn how to become Master Toy Makers while building their own Toy Central factories. 
To check out the Crew reviews for these products and to see how they work, click the link HERE. Enjoy the coupons! 


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