Knowledge Quest began in 2001 when a homeschooling family was looking for something more than what they were finding on the market for history & geography (H&G). You know that feeling. . . "I know there's something missing, but what?". The Johnson family realized that missing "what", and put together "simple black and white maps that children could label and color while studying both world and American history". Since then, they have worked together with other authors and developed "the best resources possible" for H&G, and a new website, HomeschoolingABC's.

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received the TimeMaps Collection, which includes Ancient China, The Rise of Rome, The Fall of Rome, The Rise of Islam, The Black Death, European Exploration, & Atlantic Slave Trade. Knowledge Quest is developing additional TimeMaps, too.
The TimeMaps are a combinatin of timelines, historical maps, and encyclopedia entries that have been merged together to be appealing as well as factual. We received the digital version of TimeMaps, but it is also available on CD. The maps are in chronological order, which makes it easier for the student to learn history as it happened. The student will learn about the civilizations, countries, and continents, and the changes that have taken place over time. There are quizzes & encyclopedia entries that you can utilize however preferred. (Knowledge Quest)

The following video will give you a little glimpse into what TimeMaps are all about.

Below are a few screen shots from various individual TimeMap units. You can see the graphic quality of each of them.
Ancient China
Atlantic Slave Trade
The Rise of Rome
The Black Death
TimeMaps can be purchased as a collection or the individual time period. They are available for Mac & Windows and can be used privately at home, or for schools or co-ops.
The price for each individual TimeMaps is $9.95 and the collection is $44.95

What we thought? I am super impressed with the amount of information and interaction these files contain. Not only will your child learn about history, he/she can see where it took place, watch the steps of change over time, and interact with each separate map. There is an "i" on each for information and a "q" for questions about the lesson. Each map comes to life as the time progression is set in motion (a click of the button). Information is presented about each map in the informational box as well as extra little interesting facts in pop-up like tabs. You can see in the above video how it actually works and looks. I liked that there are worksheets available to use if chosen, and each map comes with pdf files specifically to explain how to use the maps and suggestions for teaching and activities. There are external links given for each map that offer even more info. I love it. The only thing that I would change is to have sound added to the maps. Voiceovers can enhance the learning experience or even a pleasant musical piece from the era. . . .  but that's just my opinion. I like music : ^ )

My kids really liked that it's not presented in a plain, dry format. It's pleasing to view and it offers as much, or as little, interaction that is desired. They liked the information that was presented for each map, too, it wasn't "boring".

I recommend TimeMaps as a supplement to any history and geography curriculum. The price is great, at just $9.95 each. There are not many supplements available at such a reasonable price.

There are many other products that Knowledge Quest offers. You can check them out for yourself at their website and you can read more reviews about TimeMaps and MapTrek from other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew  with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.



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