We love getting magazines in the mail. We've had various subscriptions over the years, from children magazines to cooking magazines. But even though we like science, we have only had one subscription to a science magazine. This is because most science magazines are evolution based and we believe that God created the Heavens & the Earth, as it is written in Genesis 1. So, when we read about science, we want the glory to be given to Him not something else. 

So we were so excited to chosen to review Creation Illustrated because, as the title indicates, it is all about God's creation. Even before receiving the magazines, I browsed through their website to learn more about them. I learned that Creation Illustrated was founded by husband & wife, Tom & Jennifer Ish, in 1993. They wanted to serve the Lord and work together from their home, if possible. He blessed them with the creation of this magazine. And since then, "Creation Illustrated is published quarterly as a private, nonprofit, non-denominationally owned ministry dedicated to the eternal impact of sharing Biblical truth through the blessings of God's creation." 

You can read more about it on their Who Are We page. Not only was I able to learn more about who they are but also what they believe:
Their Mission Statement:

"Our purpose is to share the wonders of God's creation.
By revealing fresh insights of His infinite wisdom,
gentle touch, undeniable justice, redeeming love, and flawless design, pure truth shall bring renewed peace.
Each part of this publication is offered as a reprieve from the daily rigors of life so that all can look to the future with unbridled gratitude and hope." (creationillustrated.com)

I was impressed immediately by their desire to glorify The Lord through their magazine. Every issue contains the mission statement & throughout the pages there is scripture that correlates with the article's and/or photos.

Each issue contains 3 sections: Nature, Scripture, & in Living. These are meant to "provide a balance of mental, spiritual, and physical enrichment" that everyone needs. There are inspiring articles and uplifting spiritual, character-building lessons for readers of all ages. There is even an instructional guide in each issue that can be used as a lesson planner for homeschooling or simply to retain some of the facts you read. This is a great way to get your children to thinking about what they're reading.
Because we are reviewing this magazine now, and it is a quarterly magazine, we were sent 4 issues, including the current Spring 2012 issue. WOW! I knew from looking at the website that the pictures were incredible, but seeing them. . . WOW! This is a full color magazine with heavy weight, glossy paper that is absolutely stunning! The photos are more beautiful than could ever possibly be described here. I invite you to Creation Illustrated's website where the photos can be seen in better quality and you can request a free trial issue and see them up close and personal. The photos are taken by Mr. & Mrs. Ish, as well as others, and each of them have been blessed to be able to grasp the beauty of each and every creation. 

I also found in each of the issues, a section called Genesis Cuisine. This section offers wonderful recipes that are even on a recipe "cards" (see pic).  My daughter loves this section, too. 

My kids were fascinated by each and every issue: the photos, the articles, the details. We are nature freaks, lol, and being able to view images that show such incredible detail, to the point of seeing the dew drops on a dragonfly (above cover photo). . . it's amazing! We will definitely be getting a subscription to Creation Illustrated
You can, too. Subscriptions start at 
$19.95/year (4 issues). Additional years are as follows:

2 years (8 issues) - $37.95
3 years (12 issues) - $53.95
Add $5.00/year for Canadian postage 
Add $10.00/year for Foreign postage 

These magazines are certain to be treasured by your family & not just tossed away after reading. They're certainly keepsakes.
And remember, you can get a free introductory offer, too.
Disclaimer: I received this product free as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew  with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using it. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.


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