One of the things I like A LOT about homeschooling is getting to do science experiments. I have always liked science and enjoy watching science come to life through experiments. So when I was given the opportunity to review Amazing Science! DVD set, I said "Yes, pick me, pick me"

The Amazing Science! DVD's were created by Jason Gibson. He has taken the time to walk through each of the experiments and explain the how's and why's behind them. It's a science lesson & fun experiment all in one! A little about Mr. Gibson: he has an MS in Electrical Engineering & one in Physics, and has worked for NASA for several years prior to leaving to work on his video series. With this, he brings a wealth of knowledge behind each science lesson, and because of his love for science & math, our children truly benefit. His website,, offers video's in math from basic math to calculus, as well as the Amazing Science DVD's, Physics, & Chemistry. His goal: to create "a set of resources where you can learnn about Science and Math but more importantly you'll learn how they fit together" (
The Amazing Science! DVD set includes:
  • 2 DVDs - 23 Experiments!
  • Learn about Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Chemistry, Physics, more!
  • Easy to Find Materials!
  • Multiple Camera Views!
  • Understand Every Concept - Make Science Exciting!
  You can see the whole list of experiments here

The videos are great to watch & the experiments are EASY & FUN to do. Mr. Gibson's explanations after each of the experiments allows you to really get a grasp of the concepts behind them. This is great! It's not always a simple task to explain science, but he does it smoothly and makes it seem straight forward.

As I said, I have always loved science & experiments. I love that there is so much that The Lord gave us to explore everywhere we look. One of Mr. Gibson's statement in his About This Site section of says so this exactly:

"Learning doesn't have to be from a textbook:
you can learn science just by taking the time to look at the world around you
Here is a great, quick, trailer of the DVD set:
You can watch more interesting experiment videos on Science and Math's website, too.

We really enjoyed watching these videos. We performed a few of the experiments and, amazingly, they ALL worked! This doesn't always happen in our house, lol. The first experiment we did was getting an egg in a bottle. It didn't work at first, but I figured out (after listening to my DD) that I wasn't doing it the right way. Once I did, BAM, the egg was in. It was amazing!! And cool. I will say, though we liked the explanations of each of the experiments, some of them seemed very drawn out. I felt we "got it" early into his explanation but he kept going on, which seemed boring to the kids. I can understand the need for reiterating some of the information, but for us, it wasn't necessary in a few of the cases. This certainly did not deter us away from the videos at all. We continued watching & learning. 

 You can purchase the Amazing Science! volume 1 and watch & learn about all of the experiments for just $19.95 which includes both DVD's filled with experiments. You can also get these great video's now by purchasing the downloadable version for $17.99. You can also sign-up to receive free videos via email at  

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