Does your homeschool curriculum need a little. . . boost? Do your children sometimes just want to have fun instead of doing another lesson? Well there is an interesting way that you can add fun directly to your curriculum, which will satisfy your need to educate, and your children's desire to do something different. . . Task Cards by Creek Edge Press.

What is a Task Card? Task cards are just as they sound. They are "cards" that have various tasks on them that your child can complete, that correlate with the particular subject they are learning. They are geared for children K-8, but can be modified or enhanced to use with children older or younger (in my opinion). "The cards are designed to engage the student in investigative, discovery based learning. . . .. The tasks direct students to research and explore concepts and vocabulary surrounding a particular topic which is stated on the card" (

The subjects available in the Task Card sets are: history, art, music, grammar reinforcement, and science. You can even purchase replacement cards. Each subject will cover different areas, for example, for this history Task Card Sets, the tasks include research, map work, summaries, time line work, biographical figures, and simple projects. You can view the scope & sequence of the different sets here.The sets are designed to correlate with Charlotte Mason, Classical learning, and Montessori. Since there are not specific books required to use the cards, you can customize your resources according to your teaching style or home school curriculum. For a list of suggested resources and supporting links, you can view this page.Creek Side Press also has a blog that offers additional information, updates, and other news.
We received the Ancient World Task Card set. This set is "extensive and intended to stand-alone" but can be used to complement other curriculum. There are 34cards that cover Ancient History, from Creation to the fall of Rome. The scope and sequence can be seen here. The card set comes with a Course Introduction book which offers instructions on how to use the cards, recommendations on preparing the environment, and resource suggestions. It is very comprehensive and I can really see how you might be able to use this set as a stand alone curriculum.

You can purchase the Ancient World Task Card Set for $20.00. Other Task Card Sets can be purchased from $18.00 for single sets up to $90.00 for the complete History set. Check out the product page to learn more about each of the sets. 

Our current curriculum for history covers the Ancient World time period, so these cards are a perfect for us in that sense. It includes different activities, but sometimes the activities just aren't enough and the kids are wanting more. We have been able to use the cards to add in that "more", and were even able to learn a few extra things. 

The Task Card Sets are really a great way to supplement your curriculum or even learn about a new topic for extra-curricular fun. They are a good alternative when you want to get work done, but your student is needing a breather from her usual work. There is much to learn using each card, and if you're creative, you can add even more using the card as a guide.

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