Who Am I? This seems to be a question that most people have asked themselves at some point in their lives. Who Am I & What Am I Doing Here? This question adds a second element to that philosophical question. Self-identity was first known to be used in 1835, according to Merriam Webster's online dictionary, though it isn't clear why it was used. One interesting fact that I discovered is that Charles Darwin was on board the HMS Beagle in 1835, sailing around the Galapagos Islands, Chile, Tahiti, and New Zealand. Coincidental? I have a bumper sticker that states "coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous". Think about how much has changed since the "discovery" of Darwin's theories. Hmmm...

Merriam Webster's online dictionary does actually have a definition of "self-identity: (1) sameness of a thing with itself" & "(2) individuality - self understanding is the necessary condition of a sense of self-identity - JC Murrary" (merriam-webster.com). The first definitions...the first expresses a secular worldview. It does not include God.  As Christians, we have learned that our self-identity should be based on our relationship with The Lord and not just who & what we have become in this world. The 2nd definition, could incorporate our relationship with Him, if we "self understand" who we are in relation to Him. Sounds perplexing, doesn't it.

If you are in search of a way to help your children, or yourself, understand the questions Who Am I & What Am I Doing Here, I would like to tell you about a book by Apologia. In March of 2011, I introduced you to the series "What We Believe" by Apologia, with my review of the first book of the series Who Is God? My previous post also gives you Apologia's history and more about why I absolutely am pleased with all of Apologia's texts.
Who Am I? (And What Am I Doing Here) is the second book of the series and guides your students as they learn the Biblical Worldview to these all to common questions. As our children grow, they see the world pass by them and there are so many things to see. Some are just what we would want them to know, others are so far from what we want them to know. Author's John Hay & David Webb wrote in Who Am I "Diverse beliefs about reality fill the marketplace of ideas in the emerging global village. Many ideas are competing for dominance, and this competition is producing conflict and confusion in culture long held together by traditional worldviews." These words are so true. 

By using Who Am I? we can help our children find their place, their identity, in this world and they will be able to grow stronger and stand firmer with The Lord as their foundation. There is a sample lesson that you can view for free and a table of contents here.

Apologia's description of the book offers a terrific insight into the contents of the book "This study will enable students to develop a healthy self-image based on these biblical truths: God made me in His image and crowned me with glory; He has given me special gifts and a unique purpose in life; I can creatively express God's love; I am meant to think about beautiful and praiseworthy things, especially God and His Word; I must make decisions based on God's truth; I can always know the wise thing to do; I must cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in my life; I am a beloved child of God whose true identity is found in Christ."

The TOS reviewers also received the notebooking journal, audio CD, and coloring book that is specific to Who Am I. The journal is a full color, spiral bound journal that offers a "map" to your student can use as they travel through the Who Am I? book. There are games, lesson plans, writing activities, and so much more. You can view sample pages here and an index here. The CD is wonderfully narrated by Emmy winner Marissa Leinart and is the full audio version of the text. The coloring book is 64 pages and geared toward the younger student. The illustrations are great and your student will enjoy using this book along with the lessons in the main text. A sample page can be viewed here.
Who Am I? is geared for children 6-teen, but I am confident adults will also learn valuable lessons from it. You can purchase the book for $39 as well as a notebooking journal for $24, audio CD for $19, and coloring book for $8.

As always, we are impressed with the depth of Who Am I. We have not been surprised by the content, but wonderfully satisfied with the effort and dedication that is evident of Apologia.

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And remember: I received these products free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with the sole purpose of providing an honest review after using the products. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.


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