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This week's question: How to homeschool while pregnant or with a new baby? 

For everyone that knows me, you know that I do not have a new baby nor am I pregnant. My 2 are 10yo & 15yo., but, if I can remember from long, long ago, when I first starting homeschooling my daughter, my son was just an infant. So I will answer this question based on that, but more importantly, I will direct you to the others that are answering this question, that may be currently in the midst of pregnancy or babyhood :)

Homeschooling isn't easy, as you probably already have guessed, or know. But it is so worth it! When my DS was a baby, my DD was in kindergarten. Now this grade is relatively easy, compared to her current one, 11th grade, but there were some aspects that weren't so easy. Since my DH wasn't 100% on board with homeschooling yet, I spent countless hours, it seems, trying to research and make sure I was doing everything right. Well...that is an impossibility since I am only one person, and human. But it wasn't that bad. Because my DD had started reading books by age 4 and was doing 2nd grade math in kindergarten, there was nothing ordinary about her curriculum. We dabbled in books from K-2nd grade. So this was a little stressful, just trying to figure it all. 

And in comes baby...My DS was not a sleeper by any stretch of the imagination. He would not sleep in a bassinet or crib at night, so he was up much of the time. During the day he would take naps, but was, and is, an extremely light sleeper and any noise woke him easily. So while my DD and I were attempting to get school work done, he would usually be right near by, needing some attention. My DD was great about it, but did need to have my focus on her, too. It was difficult for her to concentrate if he was crying, so we had to try and find ways to entertain him while she was doing something. This wasn't easy. It's funny remembering this, and realizing my DS is still very much like that now. Much of my attention is given to him unless he is distracted with something else.

Now, the question was HOW to homeschool in this situation. Prayer will always be one of my top answers as God has ALL of the answers. But I will also have another. I think the biggest thing I did was to prepare ahead and try to be organized. Know what was going to be happening for the day and plan around it for the baby. If you are pregnant, you will need extra rest. So try to incorporate a nap time or quiet time. Movies or crafts are a good time to be able to close your eyes (as long as there are no scissors or hot glue guns being used) for a few minutes. Sometimes it's not how long you can sleep but just that you do sleep. Just closing your eyes for 15 min can offer your body comfort and the rest it needs. Remember that you do not have to do everything everyday. Stay focused on the task at hand and allow flexibility in your schedule. You will have days that seem impossible, so take a break. Everyone needs it once in a while. If the baby is irritable or sick, your student is probably not feeling off, too, so do just the bare necessities. If your student is older and more autonomous, let him spend some time in his room doing work, instead of underfoot. It'll be good for both of you.

So, there you have it. A basic answer to this week's question. What is your answer? For more answers from those that might be experiencing it right now, cruise on over to the Blog Cruise and check out their sites. Thanks for reading and please come back for next week's question: What is it like homeschooling an only child? 
Learning the multiplication tables is one of those areas that many elementary kids want to runaway from, far far away. There may even be a few older kids and adults that still want to run away, lol. But we all know that they are vital step to learning higher level math. The problem is that the traditional methods to learning these tables can be boring and ineffective. If you are a parent or teacher, I want to tell you about a fun and interactive way to encourage and motivate your student(s) to learn their tables. It's Times Alive! by City Creek Press. It is available on CD or as an instant download to your PC or MAC.

According to their website, Times Alive will:

~ Increase retention to 95% with our interactive method ~
~ Eliminate boring repetitive drills once and for all ~
~ Bring success to students with learning disabilities ~

What is Times Alive? Like the picture says, it's a multiplication CD with animated stories, music, interactive lessons, quizzes, and more. It is based on the book Times Tables the Fun Way, also from City Creek Press. Kids will learn their zero's through nine's times tables by watching fun video's, listening to catchy tunes, and answering questions related to the video. You will be impressed at how quickly your student picks up the times facts. 

How Does It Work? City Creek Press has created little stories that correlate with each number set and from that story, the video is made. There is a storyteller that tells the story while the video is playing. After listening to the story and song, the student is given the problem again, needing to fill in the blank, which helps to reinforce the fact just learned. There are then quizzes at the end of each section. The student can always go back or skip ahead, too, if desired. The following is a sample video you can watch. There are more videos available here.
What We Thought: Overall my 2 liked this program. My daughter is in 11th grade, but thought it was fun to play because it reviewed the times facts. I think she was just using it to have fun and take a break :) My son is still mastering his multiplication tables since he is in 5th grade. He basically knows them but it never hurts to reinforce them. He wasn't totally thrilled with the songs because they seem geared more for a younger student. But he wasn't opposed to playing (he asked to play) and can sing the songs, so they must've been pretty fun for him. I like the stories since they are catchy and will help kids remember. I believe that this would be a good supplement to your normal curriculum. It does not talk about what multiplication is, just that a number times a number will equal a number. Which is fine, like I said, as a supplement. But as I have learned throughout homeschooling, it never hurts to have extras for a subject. Especially since every student learns differently. This program will be effective for those that are visual and auditory learners since they not only will see the video, but hear the story and song, also. I also like that the parent can review each child's progress.

How Do I Purchase: Through City Creek Press' website, you can purchase the Times Alive CD for $48.95 or the download version for $44.95. There are many more products available, too.

Final Words: If you have students that are beginning to learn their multiplication tables, I believe this program may be right for your home. From the interactive activities, catchy tunes, and lively video's, your students will have fun while learning math, and you will have a smile on your face. For additional reviews you can go to the TOS Crew's site.
And remember: I received this product free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with sole purpose to provide an honest review after using the product. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer
I'd like to tell you about my recent Lasik surgery. On Thursday, the 27th, I chose to have Lasiks done in Syracuse. I have to say, I'm pretty glad I did. I'm not quite saying definitely glad since I'm still healing and all is not 100% yet. It is pretty amazing, to me, how this procedure was even developed. Can you imagine being one of the original patients? Who volunteers for something like this. 

As I was lying there staring into the red blinking light and the suction thingee was pushed onto my eye, I was thinking how quickly this could go terribly wrong. Can you imagine if you were the first person to ever have this done; not having any proof that this would work, or that you wouldn't become totally blind. Or then, maybe, the person had some major ailment that left him or her mostly blind to begin with. One of the sites I read stated that the idea of Lasik was developed over the course of 100 years. It also mentioned the story of a young boy in Russia that had been injured in the 1970's by his broken glasses. This caused a portion of his eye's outer surface to be "shaved" off: which ultimately caused his vision to improve. His doctor published the findings but it was, according to this website, years later before funding was available to continue the research. I viewed several different websites on the history of Lasik, most with this similar story, others discussing various doctors and their ideas, studies, and results. It's pretty interesting, I think. 

I really am impressed that this procedure can even take place. I had an astigmatism in both eyes and could barely see the big E on the eye charts, lol. Now, I pretty much can see 20/20 with just a little bit of fogginess that, I hope, will heal. My DH had it done last year and his vision is very good and he is thankful that he had it done. I am thankful that The Lord helped everything go smoothly. 

If you are considering Lasik surgery to improve your vision, I'd say first: pray about it. Then research it. But I am glad I had it done and think you will be, too. It's nice to be glasses or contacts free. My eyes aren't as scratchy or dry and I like being able to see when I wake up in the morning :-)

Until next time...
Are you in search of a math curriculum or supplement that your student will actually enjoy?

It's often difficult to find a happy medium when it comes to math. It's one of those subjects that you will hear many people say "I really don't like math". Yet, math is in everything we do in life. Whether you're an astronaut, nurse, secretary, or waitress, some form of math is involved with your job. I believe that this blanket statement is the result of monotonous worksheets with repetitive questions that are often given to students in school; and the attitude carries on into adulthood. Some of the concepts are difficult to grasp and might need to be explained differently to each person. Sometimes, just having a one on one explanation can help.
My newest review is on a program that fits this need very well. It's called TenMarks. It is an online math curriculum that offers your students an interesting and "fun"ctional way to learn math.

What is TenMarks: TenMarks is a personalized math program that will help students learn, review, and master math concepts. Students can learn at their own pace, in their own time. It is geared for students from grade 3 through high school and is designed to meet individual state standards, based on where the student lives. It can be utilized by parents, educators, or homeschoolers.

The TenMarks system is based on 3 simple principles, according to their website:
1. Personalized Learning Makes All the Difference
2. On-Demand Instruction Provides Help When You Need it
3. Practice Builds Confidence and Improves Achievement.
How it Works: TenMarks offers personalization for every student. There is an assessment that you can have your student take to help determine their level or their understanding of the concepts according to grade. When you register, you will put in your child's grade level and state and TenMarks creates the personalized program for you. You always have the opportunity to change the curriculum for your student under the parents login profile. Your student can also go to other grade levels and do "practice" worksheets. This helps if there is a concept that isn't fully understood, or the opposite, your student is excelling in a certain area. 

Once registered, your student will login under his own username and password. The homepage shows the "album" he's working on and 3 tracks (or worksheets); the one he just completed, the current one, and the one he will do next. He has the opportunity to work on the current sheet, look back at any of the previous sheets, or go ahead. Each track has a learn button that brings up a video, pertinent to the lesson. In the video, the student listens to an instructor and watches as the lesson is "written" out. While working on the worksheet, the student will have the opportunity to re-watch the video, if needed. There is also a hint section present while working on the worksheet, should the student just need a little help. They can save and complete the work later if they need to, too. I like this because there are often interruptions while doing schoolwork (often self-induced, lol) and this way they won't lose the answers they've already done. There is also a reward system for each student. The parent can individualize a reward, as well as games that "come alive" after so many pages are done.

Below is a video that TenMarks offers that describes "How it Works" from a student's perspective. I like the personalization of it. I know that both of my children like TenMarks, too.

To see more video's about TenMarks, click here.

What We Thought: Like I just mentioned, both of my kids (5th grade and 11th grade) like TenMarks. It is an effective and fun substitution for their math curriculum. My daughter (11th grade) is registered under Algebra 2, even though her regular curriculum is Trig/Pre Calc. She likes TenMarks because, as she  puts it "there are only 10 questions per section and if I don't remember, I can re-watch the videos. And you can do the questions again if you messed it up". She's used this to increase her knowledge of the concepts that apply to her normal curriculum. I like that she enjoys doing it. My son (5th grade) likes it because of the reward system. He looks forward to playing the games after his work is done. In both cases, the work really does go according to the appropriate grade level. With my sons, however, he did have exponents and scientific notation, which I thought was a little above his level. But otherwise, everything fit well with his normal curriculum. I like that we can go back to 4th grade if there is something that he hasn't totally grasped yet, too.

How To Purchase: TenMarks offers 3 different levels to purchase. You can purchase at $10/month; $49/6months; or $89/12months. Each is per student but they do offer a discount for 3 or more students in a family. You can also try it for FREE. For more information or if you have questions, you can contact TenMarks here.

I believe that you will find TenMarks to be very beneficial for your family or students. It is cost effective and  user friendly. For additional reviews you can go to the TOS Crew's site.

And remember: I received this product free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with sole purpose to provide an honest review after using the product. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer
How Do You NOT Go Crazy Doing All of That?

Last week I posted my maiden blog as a participant in the TOS Crew's weekly Blog Cruise The Blog Cruise presents each of us with a question related to homeschooling and we blog our answer. I welcome you to come back each week to read my answer, take a look at theirs, and ponder what yours might be. I hope this offers you an interesting read or maybe an encouraging word.
This week's question: How Do You Avoid Burn-Out?

This question is directly related to last week's: How do you juggle working either in the home or outside the home and homeschooling? And my answer is very similar, too. Basically you have to trust The Lord and "cast your cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you, He will never let the righteous fall" (Psalm 55:22). He is always with us, all we have to do is ask Him. So often we get ourselves into stressful situations and frustrations happen.  Because of our free will, The Lord will not make us follow Him (though I often feel a gentle nudge in the right direction, lol). He is waiting for us to realize that we are not in control and turn to Him. The answer that comes may not be the exact one we're looking for (yes for yes or no for no), but He will always give an answer. 

Today, I was pushed close to burn-out, temporarily. Why, you ask. Well, this was my weekend to work, so I worked Fri, Sat, & Sun for a total of 32hrs (12-12-8). Today I needed to get some sleep and then help the kids finish up with their speeches, due today.  The kids are both not feeling well, which is difficult in itself, then I typed this entire post, clicked to open a new tab to get a link, and thought that I was on that new tab when I typed in a website. Turns out, I was on this page, and totally deleted my entire work when it went to the next page. Ugh!! I had to leave for speech class and didn't have time to retype. So by the time I got home, I forgot much of what I was thinking. Ugh, again!! It is so frustrating. But with this came a revelation of sorts: to avoid burn-out, don't let the computer get the best of you. Just take a deep breath, and move on. :-) So now on to the rest of my answer - what I can remember.

With homeschooling, burn-out can happen easily, if we're not careful. The schoolwork, the housework, the activities...our schedules get weighed down and this seems to leave no time to relax. Frustrations run high when there are many tasks to be completed in a day, at the same time; trying to help with school when the house has to get cleaned, writing an entire post before  speech class only to have the computer wipe it all away and knowing there isn't time to do it again; making sure speeches are complete before 5min to leave time for speech class; getting quarterly's done and submitted on time. It can be crazy if you let it.  What we do to try and avoid any impending burn-out is to take a break, relax, and do the proverbial smelling of the roses. We have to. Sometimes this means a short break, and sometimes it's more. I like to clean when I'm frustrated. It seems to relax me. Maybe it comes from knowing that I'm actually accomplishing something and not just spinning my wheels. The kids and I will often take the day and do Home Ec. We all enjoy baking or searching the web for interesting recipes to try for dinner. We also may just stop and play a board game.

As a family, we like to go to the movies, go hiking on our property (when it's warm enough), or go to a local show. Around Central NY, we are fortunate to have the NYS Fair Grounds. Each season they offer different shows that we may go to; the RV show, Boat Show, or Sportsman show. This weekend, they had the Northeast Sportsman Show. We went and really enjoyed it. For under $10/person, we were able to see a live black bear show, view RV's and boats, check out various vendors selling applicable merchandise, and see some wildlife. There was an organization called Talon's Birds of Prey. They rescue birds of prey that have been injured or are in need of a better situation. They had hawks, a falcon, and 2 owls. One of the owls was a European Eagle Owl. Her name was Big Mama, and we got to take our picture with her. What's best is that I got to hold her!!
So what do we do to avoid burn out? We relax and enjoy the many blessings The Lord has given us. Praying is another necessity to avoid burn-out. Prayer provides you with quiet time just between you and The Lord. You can open your heart to Him, letting Him know how you are feeling. He already knows, but telling Him reinforces your trust in Him. The Lord should be your best friend. We need to be able to tell Him everything without hesitation. Like I said, He already knows your heart and your sin. Trying to hide it from Him is like playing peek-a-boo with a child. You are still there even though your eyes are covered. Hiding yourself from The Lord only increases your stress. Trusting Him enough to tell Him brings peace to you in all situations.

This is my answer for this question, to read more answers, cruise on over to the TOS Crew's Blog Cruise buy clicking the link below.
Thanks for reading. Please come back next week for the next question: How to homeschool while pregnant or with a new baby?
So often I find myself laughing hysterically at something my husband said. Whether it's a joke or something silly that he said wrong. What's great is that he will always laugh right along with me and it often will become an inside joke.  Yesterday is a perfect example. I was trying to tell him something that needed to be fixed (or something) and his quick response to me was "don't stick your own eye before you stick someone else's" referring to Matthew 7:3-5 "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye". It was funny, first because he was so off, but second because it really didn't apply to our conversation. Nonetheless, for the rest of the day it seemed to come up. It was just really funny and both enjoyed the joke. 

It is so important in a marriage to be able to laugh with each other. Certainly we don't want to be just laughing AT each other. That's not fun for anyone. But it's important to laugh and enjoy each other. Respecting one another is key for this to happen; communication is vital. There have been times that we do not always communicate well. If I'm tired or frustrated with something else, I may say something in a bad tone or even with an attitude (really, me?, lol) Then there's his response to it, which isn't always great because it was a response to how I said it and not what I said. It's ok for this to happen sometimes. Noone is perfect and there will be those kind of days. But don't let it continue on. If you are the first person that was wrong, apologize and restate your words. If you are the second person that was wrong, you can still apologize. Have you ever just needed a hug to simmer you down? That may be just what you or your spouse needs at that particular moment. That saying that's something about hurting the ones you love? It's probably because they are the closest to you and you know they will still love you. Much like a child misbehaves for his parent and not for a teacher or sitter. There's that uncertainty of the reaction for someone that is not close. Well if you are as close to your spouse as my husband and I are, you know that anger and frustration often comes towards you. But communication and respect will overcome those moments of weakness :) .  Never let the sun go down on your anger, as  Ephesians 4:26 says, "do not give the devil a foothold" (4:27). Of course it would be best not to miscommunicate and always say what you mean how you mean it. But since we are all human and all sinners, this isn't easy. We must then just love each other, study The Word, and trust The Lord. Then maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to laugh with each other and have fun. :-)

Has this ever happened to you? If it has, leave a comment or response. I'd like to hear from you.
Are you a homeschool parent & have heard this when you tell someone what you do?

I ask this question because I am joining the Blog Cruise with my fellow TOS crew members. This Blog Cruise is just what as the name says: a cruise that takes you to participating blogs. Each week there will be a homeschool question posed, and I will answer, along with my crewmates. I welcome you to come back each week to read my answer, take a look at their answers, and ponder what yours might be. I hope this offers you an interesting read or maybe an encouraging word.
The question this week: How do you juggle working either in the home or outside the home and homeschooling?
It seems like I hear this question ALOT. I'm an RN and work just part-time (80 hours a month) in a pediatric emergency room. I love what I do there, but as I tell anyone who asks, my job does not define me, The Lord does; and my family comes first. I am also an on-call SANE, picking up 60 hours a month (only go if I get called in). That didn't seem like much when I decided to train for it, but it can be when added on to my regular working schedule, lol.

On top of my work schedule, I also teach the speech portion of our NCFCA club on Monday nights. Then there are the kids dance lessons...monthly soccer board meetings (somehow was nominated as the Safety Director for our local AYSO) (what's that, they're supposed to do schoolwork, too?)...WOW! How do I do it, :O 
That's More Like It :)
Ahem, back to reality. I will start right out by saying that the only way I can manage this is by the grace of God, really. He gives me the strength I need, especially on those never-ending days. He also guides me to where I should be and what is most important. As Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "Trust in The Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths." I know that He is in full control of my life and that He has a plan for me, as well as my family. Right now we are here, with a somewhat chaotic schedule, but I trust in Him and His promises and know that wherever He leads me, He will also provide all that is needed to get through it. 

One of the ways that I manage my day is to have my trusty calendar with me AT ALL TIMES!! My google calendar is connected to my Droid's calendar. My phone gives me a reminder of the day and notifies me during the hour of the scheduled event. Then gmail sends a msg to my inbox, which comes directly to my Droid, too. We also have a magnetic calendar that the kids put together each month and it hangs on a wall in our livingroom. And for my husband, I have a dry erase weekly board on the 'fridge so that he knows what's going on throughout the week; not that he always looks, lol. With all the calendars around, it may seem like I'm a little OCD and very organized. I laugh, hahaha, at the thought  ;-) The calendars are because I am NOT organized and my brain starts to get a little overwhelmed with an actual "to do list".

As far as homeschooling, which is the intent of this question, we typically get up in the morning, have breakfast, and try to get the work done. If we have an appt or something, we get what we can done before hand, maybe take some work with us, and then finish when we get home. I have been homeschooling for 11yrs now and have come to the realization that the work will get done, even if it's later rather than sooner. My kids never cease to amaze me with their ability to learn so much despite a busy day or week. Sometimes I think we are probably unschoolers, but we're mostly just eclectic homeschoolers. We learn on the go, with curriculum that allows us to do that. Being a member of the TOS Crew has offered us different ideas for curriculum, too. This has been wonderful!! Because I work nights, I try to work nights that will not interfere too much with our at home schedule. If I do work the night before and need to sleep, the kids will typically do some basic school work and then I have them do crafts or other projects that won't require me to be right next to them. I'm always available to them if they need me while I'm sleeping, This makes it hard, sometimes, but we seem to have the system down, and again, I know that The Lord is with us ALWAYS, and I know that the work will get done.

Do we have bad days? Of course. Sometimes it's just me or sometimes it's my son or my daughter. If it's just one of us that's having a bad day, I adjust what needs to be done for that person. I can often just change things up a little or skip the problem subject and things go smoother. But then there are those days that we are all crazed and just need a break. So...we take one. We'll go to the park and do a nature study, go biking or walking, or something like that. Homeschooling doesn't have to be all school and no fun. Although they have to get their work done, there are many other aspects to learning besides just textbook work. This is one of the reasons we homeschool, right?!

So, how do I juggle working and homeschool? Very carefully. Everyday is different and often unexpected. If I had a strict schedule that was unchangeable, we would never have made it this far. For any newbies at homeschooling, my advise: relax and enjoy it, let your kids enjoy it. Don't worry so much about all the paperwork, remember, "little by little, inch by inch" is the only way it will get done. Trust The Lord & He will provide all of your needs. Seek Him always & give your concerns to Him. As Paul wrote to the Philippians (4:6-7), "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

For read more answers to this question, cruise on over to the TOS Crew's Blog Cruise buy clicking the link below.
Thanks for reading. And remember, I plan to take the Blog Cruise weekly. Until next time...
Many homeschool families have found areas of education or subjects that are difficult to teach or that the students may struggle in. Sometimes with these subjects, the student just needs a different perspective or format for learning. Math & science are two of those subjects that I have heard fellow moms, dads, & students, mention.

My newest review is on This company offers that different perspective that students might need to help with their math or physics lessons. If you or your student are in need of algebra or physics tutoring, this may be just what the doctor ordered :-)

What is Virtual Nerd? - Virtual Nerd is a website that was developed to help struggling students with everything from pre-algebra to physics. It is an interactive, video based tutorial system that keeps your attention and really does help.

Who is Virtual Nerd? - Virtual Nerd was created in 2008 by Josh Salcman & Leo Schmuylovich. Josh has an education & experience in design and Leo has education & experience is math, science, & tutoring. To read Josh & Leo's bio's click here. St. Louis is the home to the recording studio for Virtual Nerd and there are also independent contractors that assist Josh and Leo. For more information about the company, including a timeline for additional subjects, contact info, & awards, click here.

What Kind of Tutoring Can I Get? - You will find video's for pre-algebra, algebra 1 & 2, and physics.  After you purchase and create your account, you will find tabs at the top of the screen, 1 for each of the topics available. Once under a tab, there is a "keyword search" box that you can type in what you're looking for, and a "topic search" box that you can scroll down to the topic you need. For example, in the topic search under algebra 2, you will find radical functions that will expand out to inverse relations and functions. Under this tab, you will find the video's. There are several other topics that are available, too. You can check out a sample of what is available by signing up for a free 2 hour trial. You can also view the intro video to get additional information.

Dynamic Whiteboard
How Does It Work? As you can see from the above screenshot, there is a whiteboard used. They call this the "Dynamic Whiteboard". There are 3 sections to the board: 1) The Video window - this is the main window where you will see the video. There is a tutor that writes on the board while speaking. 2) The Diagram window - this section of the screen is dedicated to diagramming the problem out. It's basically the same information seen in the video, but written in a computer font and not handwriting. This section can be moused-over to bring up additional information and includes clickable links that will bring up a new Dynamic Whiteboard. This new board offers help with concepts that support the current lesson. Once that 2nd whiteboard is closed, you will be at the initial whiteboard right where you left off. 3) The Step-By-Step window - this section does just as it's titled: it breaks the lesson down step by step. This section can, again, be moused-over to offer additional information, as well as more clickable links.

What We Thought: I have to say, initially I wasn't very thrilled with this. We have Internet Explorer and for some reason, it wasn't loading the correct way and the video's were on the right side of the screen, partially cut off. Once I realized that was not the way it should be, I downloaded Google Chrome and was amazed at the difference! I'm impressed with this company! I LOVE math and science and enjoy learning about it and helping my kids learn it. Virtual Nerd makes learning these subjects interesting, I think. The video's are not monotone, the lighting is good, and the tutor is animated, not dry. This makes a huge difference, IMO, when learning math especially. There is so much information available here, too. You're sure to find whatever it is you need within these catagories. My daughter said, "it's helpful because it shows things differently than most schoolbooks do." Which is exactly what I believe struggling students need in order to learn, that different perspective or format. She actually liked getting on and watching the video's and the extras.

How Much Is It? Virtual Nerd offers different levels of membership. The lowest is just $5, which gives you one day of access, and the highest is $129 for 3 months of access. The most popular might be the $49/month. You can try it for free, too, for 2 hours. This will give you an idea of what is available through Virtual Nerd. 

I believe you will be pleased with a Virtual Nerd membership. Your struggling student will thank you!! You can read additional reviews from the TOS Crew members here.

And remember: I received this product free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew with sole purpose to provide an honest review after using the product. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer